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MUNDART MEDITATIONEN provides guided meditations for day-to-day experiences – in all German dialects.

Our subconscious is formed in the early years of our lives and the language is speaks is the dialects spoken by our parents and peer group.

With MUNDART MEDITATIONEN we can change beliefs of our subconsciousness easier and faster and become happier, every day a little bit.




ONDALIE supports pregnant women to experience a calm, relaxed and beautiful birth.

Relaxation is key when it comes to giving life. Ondalie has created specific meditations – all available in the Ondalie mobile app to best prepare mothers to be.



SUPERBEEE is helping children with dyslexia and other learning difficulites to find their strengths and stay relaxed even in challenging exercises at school and at home.

Also, we support parents to trust in their children and stay calm and relaxed when assisting their kids‘ homework.

We do this by providing guided mediation and approaches to different proven learning strategies.

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